Edward Stotz (who once shook hands with Geronimo) was just 21 years old and had never been to college - nor had most American architects.  He wrote his specifications in longhand by gaslight, traveled to work by horse-drawn streetcar, and lived in a city without a single steel framed building.  Skyscrapers, elevators, and blueprints were all in their infancy.


While Edward Stotz and his colleagues changed the way buildings look and feel, they also created standards for the practice of architecture.  They built up the American Institute of Architects and developed codes to make buildings safer.  They made architecture a respected profession, and they made buildings we call landmarks today.


Edward Stotz's sons, Charles Morse Stotz and Edward Stotz, Jr., carried on their father's commitment to people oriented architecture of substance and pleasing detail.  Similar-minded architects joined them, building to last in a world of change and flux.




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